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Solar Set PROECO JNCY-150

Capacity of heater (l.) 144
2. Average requirement for: for 2 to 4 person
3. Hot water outflow: under pressure from the water mains
4. Installation on an surface: for flat or sloping to 80 degrees
Number of vacuum tubes (pcs.): 15
Size of the vacuum tubes (mm.): 58 mm / 1800 mm
Use of Heat-Pipe: YES
Water tank: stainless steel SUS 304
Heat exchanger in the tank: copper coil
Cover of the tank: stainless steel SUS 304
Bracket: galvanized steel, powder coated

Solar Set PROECO JNCY-150


Solar set PROECO JNCY-150:
 Vacuum solar collector PROECO JNSC 15-58/1800
 Water tank 150 l– stainless steel with two copper coils
– Circulation pump Wilo Star-RS15 / 6
– Expansion vessel 12l.
– SR868C8 controller with 3 temperature sensors
– Solar fluid to fill the system – MPG ECO-SOL 32 – 10kg


An ideal solution for obtaining utility hot water and as a central heating system support for single-family houses, guest houses, recreation centers, pools, hospitals, production facilities etc.

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