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How to order

  • Add the products you are interested in, to the request
  • Mark how many you need
  • You can see your request basket in the top right corner of the menu
  • We will send you a price offer, availability, and time of delivery


We are here to advise you:

Check the easy, step-by-step example below, of how you tell us what effect you’d like to achieve, and we will make it happen:

phone: +372 55 22 390

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Send us email

Use the contact form or your regular email outbox.


Include basic info

Write what would you want to achieve. For example: I need solar installation for my home.


Give us some details

Write how big is your house, and how many people live in it. If you want your panels on the roof or ground.


Add your address

It will help our team to check if you can sell energy surplus to the grid, and estimate assembly cost.


We reply with the offer

As quickly as possible, we will send you our recommendations with options, price, and estimated time of when you can expect your order.


Call us for consultation

If you'd like to consult anything, we are here for you. We speak Estonian and English, and our specialists will make sure you get all the information you need for making final decisions.

Order from ESPO

You do not need to be a specialist in renewable energy to get solar panels, collectors, or heat pumps. It is enough if you know, you want to have energy from the environment to reduce your costs. We will make sure you have the right materials for your needs. No need to learn the specifics of inverters for your panels. Our professional advisor can describe it to you in a few sentences.

With ESPO you can purchase materials with the service of assembly.

Let us know if you need products to be also installed, and our crew will do it for you. From mounting the installation to delivering the necessary paperwork. CONTACT US

Order from ESPO

Fitting your home or business with renewable energy sources is easy with ESPO.

You order, we deliver to your address.

If you need the installation of your panels, collectors, or heat pump, our professional team will do it for you.